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Workshop | Calor + Color + Memoria @ESDEMGA

Temperature | Insulation | Transformation | Rhythm | Fusion | Bonding

This September I was invited to run a workshop at ESDEMGA (Escuela Superior de Estudios de Moda de Galicia) where they run a fashion course with an interesting angle on fashion as sculpture, body and anthropology; fashion beyond the trend.

Within the context of the the theme Technology and heritage at Tek-Fest (International Conference on Tech Trends & Creative Academy) of Pontevedra I designed a three day workshop that looked at the use of heat to create textiles and surfaces.

Heat is a key auxiliary in the production of textiles: heat aids fixing, cuts, bonds, transforms, moulds…a myriad of finishes are created with the assistance of temperature.

Our starting point were some of the beautiful nineteen century textile pieces and objects kept in the Pontevedra Museum. Hidden in the archives of the museum there is a small textile collection which belonged to three sisters who were a style reference in the Pontevedra of the time. They kept not just all their accessories and dresses but the trimmings, ribbons and embroidered appliqués of their outfits as well as the fabric swatches they used to received from the Parisian shops.

These objects were laid out for us to study their colour, textures and proportions to come up with colour palettes and inspiration and take it to the studio the following day.

Our ingredients were sublimation inks, expandable inks, vinyls, adhesives, foams and wadding, polyester fabrics, synthetic felts, wood … and our main tools a heat transfer press, a laser cutter and a heat gun.

All of these processes are widely used in the industry but are not always accesible or used on small scale with the objective of experimenting.

Within the context of this workshop I was interested in delivering the knowledge we need to have and the understanding of the resources needed to create, manipulate materials and experiment. Process-led design.

I like to think of workshops as an exchange of ideas. I facilitate the introduction to the tools and concepts; museums provide the inspiration; the participants bring their creativity and enthusiasm.