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We develop and deliver customised workshops and lectures that introduce participants to a wide range of design, development and textile processes.

Process-led workshops are run by our founder Arantza Vilas, and can be a few hours, three days, or a full week.  They cover techniques such as paper folding, pleating, screen printing, oxidation and more.

Arantza has also delivered lectures about the context and history of textile processes with contemporary experimentation, working in partnership with museums, galleries and educational organisations.

We have recently started offering an Airbnb experience, including a private tour of the studio by Arantza herself and getting hands-on by creating your own silkscreens from a selection of patterns.

Read about our Heat, Colour and Memory workshop at ESDEMGA in Spain, Erode workshop at the Savannah College or Art and Designpleating workshop at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja, and contact us if you would like to talk to us about running a customised workshop or delivering a lecture.