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We believe that innovative ideas happen where different disciplines overlap.

We are driven by collaboration and teamwork in our desire to push the boundaries of what textiles can be.

The creative process starts through making, seen as a dialogue with materials and processes. We like to think of Pinaki Studios as an experimental kitchen where possibilities are explored.

We seek to develop original pieces that will last in our memory, our wardrobes and our environment in response to the overwhelming number of design products that we are all exposed to. Objects that we will treasure over time and pass on to future generations, work that can whisper a tale, invite a touch and provoke the imagination.

Pinaki Studios

Pinaki Studios is a project-based textile studio that navigates between and around the worlds of art and design.  We create fabrics and surfaces using a wide variety of materials and processes, often combining hand made, traditional processes and new technologies. The studio takes a diverse approach that includes highly abrasive techniques to distort woven constructions, ancient artisanal pleating processes, digital technologies and a variety of substrates. On-going research and self-initiated projects inspire and nurture commissions, collaborative work and editions that feed into a variety of industries.

Pinaki Studios is the brainchild of Arantza Vilas, textile artist and designer who graduated with an MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. A broad spectrum of interests and a feel for storytelling through materials, cooking and chemistry led her to create her “island-atelier”: Pinaki is the name of an island in French Polynesia. When Pinaki Studios was only an idea without a name, Arantza and a close friend spent one evening trying to escape the long and cold winter evenings with their imagination. They found an island called Pinaki on the map in French Polynesia and marked the map with a dressmaking pin. Soon the hole on the map became bigger than the geographical place and Pinaki Studios was born as a place where reality and fiction merge.

The studio has grown into an internationally renowned studio creating specialist textiles for a host of high-profile clients in the interiors, food and film industries, including HBO, the BBC, Starz and international museums and galleries. Today, Arantza works with a team of associates from a production studio in South East London.